Lakeview defends the world’s most vulnerable citizens


Catie Bugos, Editor

President Donald Trump and his team has recently put into action a ban on immigrants from seven Muslim dominated countries including, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. The ban prevents people of these countries from legally entering the United States. In addition, those who already hold legal visas or green cards have had their permission suspended. 

This controversial topic has caught the attention of many Americans including the students and teachers of Lakeview High School. Most students and teachers speaking out are against the ban and are disappointed in our new president. When asked her opinion on the new immigration ban, all senior Katie Klamut had to say was, “I don’t like Donald Trump. He hasn’t even been in office a month and America already has multiple targets on their back.” Others agreed with Klamut.

Senior Drew McLennan says, “The reason so many people come over to America is for free religion and safety. They want to escape their war torn and poor countries. This ban is just going to create bigger problems for us rather than prevent them. America is supposed to be accepting for all, but right now this country is at serious risk of destruction.”

Science teacher, Maureen Bucko agrees, too. She says, “This is not what America should be doing. Our country was built from immigrants and it will always be that way. We have many enemies in the world and putting a useless ban on essentially an entire religion is unnecessary and wrong. If people want to attack us, a ‘ban’ is not going to stop them from getting in.”

Senior, Hayden Lazzari says, “Trump’s ban on immigration is un- American as this nation was built upon immigrants. Just because some people are evil, not all of them are. I understand and would appreciate a better screening process for immigrants and refugees, but a total ban is unnecessary.”

On the other hand, junior Connor Makosky thinks the ban may be a sound idea. He says, “I am in between supporting the ban and refuting it. I know there are a lot of good people with good intentions in this world, but there are also evil people. The ones who did 9/11 deserve to be banned from our country. I respect Trump’s decision because I would rather inconvenience some than put all American lives at risk.”

This new immigration ban is striking protests all over our country and world. The students and teachers of Lakeview stand together during this current situation and will continue to let themselves be heard.