Lakeview students paint the hallways with creativity

Lauren Barnovsky, Reporter

One of the great things about Lakeview High School is the constant presence of art. When walking down the hallways, students can see drawings on ceiling tiles, artwork, and sculptures. Recently, there have been two new additions to the halls of Lakeview.

In the first floor main hallway, next to the computer lab, senior Addison Paul painted a mural for her midterm project. Paul liked the idea of a mural because, “[She] wanted something of [herself] to be remembered at the high school.” The mural, pictured above, incorporates many aspects of the Lakeview spirit like our school colors, the L star, and paw prints.

Another addition to our halls is artwork created on the lockers outside the library. The project was undertaken by the art club, who are making the lockers to look like the spines of popular books. The titles include Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Girl on the Train, and Safe Haven. Mr. Piper “found the idea on Pinterest.”

The art club is open to anyone, grades eight through twelve, who wants to join. They meet once or twice a month to complete artistic, community, and individual projects. The students of Lakeview will be waiting to see what artwork pops up next.