Ski Club says “No snow, No go”


Alec Bartholomew, Reporter

One of the most exciting winter activities at Lakeview High is the much-loved ski club. It is also one of the most expensive. But, is it really worth the money you pay? It is fair to say the weather this year hasn’t exactly been “winter appropriate,” which is the sole cause of the lack of ski trips.

Ski club presents an excellent opportunity for the kids who enjoy skiing and snowboarding to go with kids from their own school. The cost to join Lakeview’s ski club if you have all the equipment required is $215. If you need equipment rentals, however, it will cost you an extra $69 which includes all four trips. Ski Club adviser Jeff Piper reports that students, “save $57 off the cost of buying the same lift tickets on their own.”

Junior Lauren Laws strongly defends paying any amount to get out of town and spend active mid-week evening with friends. She says, “Having a break away from school, standing at the top of a hill, then racing down toward the bottom is very stress-relieving.”

In addition to this, Junior Chuck Gidden stated, “I love it. Everything is perfect. Taking a night of your week to get away to New York and be filled with adrenaline as you shred down a mountain is the best feeling there is.”

Many of the students in ski club really enjoy the trips they take while being able to enjoy the time with their friends. Unfortunately, this year hasn’t been a highlight year for the club so far, as they have only been to New York twice as two have been postponed.

However, ski club won’t be giving in to the lack of snow this winter as they plan to make up each and every one of their trips. The next trips that are planned as makeup days will take place on February 8th and February 14th.

Ski club, however, will not be taking their annual trip to Vermont for their final meeting of the season.

John Terbovich, a supervisor of ski club stated, “So far we’ve had fantastic conditions up at Peek n’ Peak when we’ve gone this year.”Ray Turner added to this by stating, “It was a bit icy, but there were still a lot of good powder zones to get down the slope smoothly.”

So, despite the lack of snow, it is clear to see that nothing will be stopping the students in ski club from taking the trips that they love taking and spending time with the friends that they enjoy spending it with.