Lakeview Goes Big!!

Tucker Gidden, Reporter

This basketball season  was very exciting for the students of Lakeview High school and two athletes specifically.

Chris Muir was the first Lakeview male ever to reach one thousand points scored in basketball. The milestone was a huge achievement for the young man. When asked how he felt about the experience, Muir stated, “It was a great experience that I always wanted to do, and  I’ve been looking forward to it since 6th grade.”

The thousand points also couldn’t have been done without the help of a role model, “My mom was a huge role model in my success. She was always encouraging me to do better and seeing everything she went through gave me a great work ethic.” Chris was able to do this feat for the school based on everything that he needed from his mother and friends. He was truly excited to hit the amazing accomplishment.

Even with the set backs of being injured last year, only having 602 points coming into this season Chris knew he would have to score big this year to get to the 1000 points he’d dreamed of.

Just a few days before, Annie Pavlansky joined previous LHS girls to achieve the thousand point goal. When asked how she felt about receiving the thousand points she said, “very grateful that I had great coaches and teammates to help me reach 1000 points. It would not have been possible without them.” And when asked if she knew she would achieve this huge goal she said,”No. I had no idea I was close to 1000 points.” Below you can see a picture the team took just after the game.