Future Educators Educate the Future

Catie Bugos, Editor

One of the many new classes at Lakeview this year, Introduction to Education, has been making an academic difference in many young students’ lives. Intro to Education is a dual College Credit Plus course offered through YSU and designed to give high school students a taste at what being a teacher is all about.

This is Jenna Waid’s first year teaching it and she couldn’t be more excited. She says, “Mr. Herrholtz came to me about teaching this class and I gladly accepted.” She hopes this class will help students decide what they want to do in the future. Waid adds, “It will help solidify if students will make the decision to go into education or help them decide it’s not for them. All the students who are in this class are also a part of The Future Educators Association.”

The Intro to Ed students also participate in a variety of activities throughout the year to help prepare them for what they may experience in the future.

Senior Kyle Devine says, “This class is very educational and it makes me feel better about my decision of being a teacher. Miss Waid is one of Lakeview’s best teachers, so obviously she is best fit to teach this course.”                                                           

The students have been going every Wednesday during 7th period to Lakeview Elementary School and are assigned a number of kids to tutor. Senior, Shawna Umbrazun says, “Some students go to classrooms and work with Title 1 kids and do many activities with them. We help them with letters, sounds, and rhyming. I love working with them and getting a real feel at being in charge and leading a group.”

The students also have taken part in Cosi Day, teaching one of Miss Koch’s eighth grade classes, raising money through bake sales, attending business events, and more. This group of students are always hard at work whether it’s tutoring younger students or teaching a full class. 

Senior Mackenzie Hoolihan says, “I’m very glad Intro to Ed is a new class this year. Implementing this class into Lakeview’s curriculum will definitely encourage more students to become future educators.”

Senior Jordan Stuber says, “Working with these kids has made me realize what I would like to do with my future. Every Wednesday the young students make me feel fulfilled with my day.”

Hoolihan also adds, “I love working hands on with the kids. Seeing students like me making a difference in kindergartners’ academic lives always puts a smile on my face.”

Many current students encourage students to take Intro to Education if they are thinking about being a teacher or even to better their engagement skills. Taking this course will give students high school and college credit and help set their future. Lakeview is full of exceptional future educators that continue to make a difference in the world.