A midwinter concert success

Taylor Carson, Reporter

The rainy day that was February 23rd was brightened up by musical rays of sunshine right around 7:30 P.M. Not only was the audience treated with the high school’s Concert and Symphpnic Band, but they were treated with the Eighth Grade Band and Jazz Band Blue.

The eighth grade kicked us off with Success by Henry Fillmore; a standard march with a strong clarinet presense and trilling that showed off the young musicans’ talents. Next, Nathan Sensabaugh, LHS head band director, welcomed the audience and announced that the band’s spaghetti dinner raised over $4,000 in profit.

The band’s next piece was titled Spanish Brass and as the title entails, there was many Latin percussion sounds that greated the audience right from the start. Of course, with it having “brass” in the title, the trumpets had the melody. Overall, the piece felt rich with the blend of woodwinds and percussion, it almost felt as if you were in medieval times. Sensabaugh took over the microphone once more and made his argument that the eighth graders should give marching band a go. “I hope they continue, they are very talented musicians,” said Sensabaugh. The last piece,  Affirmation Overture, began as a peaceful melodly that crescendoed into a well-paced tune.

Next up was Jazz Band Blue, this jazz band is exclusively juniors and seniors and they practice during the school day. Their first piece was Leap Frog by Joseph Garland. Featured in the song was senior Bill Dodd on tenor sax. Unfortunately, the microphones were not working properly so most of Dodd’s solo was lost to the audience; however, I’m sure he did great. The next song, Somewhere by Leonard Bernstein, featured Andy Planitz on trumpet. It was a magical piece complete with chimes and a smooth drum beat. The most exciting piece, Zoot Suit Riot, had many solos including Kailey Coughlin, Aaron Gilger, Brian Holden, Bill Dodd, and Andy Planitz. This piece had the whole crowd tapping their feet and was the highlight of the jazz band’s set. Crunchy Frog by Gordon L. Goodwin was the closing piece and had a strong trombone melody.

Concert Band continued the concert with the peppy, trill-filled march The Avenger March by K. L. King. It instantly grabbed the audience’s attention, which was needed because the next song was very slow. They did a great job performing it, but I will say after hearing two bands in the dark you start to be tired. The song was relaxing and pleasing to the ear nonetheless. The band regained the audience’s attention with their last song Where.