Lakeview has Phun with Physics

Tucker Gidden, Reporter

Last weekend the students of the honors physics and physics classes traveled to YSU to compete in a series of challenges called the Physics Olympics.

The “Olympics” consisted of science-related competitions such as heating up water with a bike and copper pipe, dropping an egg without it cracking, the floater, which is sending a boat down a canal at the fastest speed possible and many other events that relate to physics.

Lauren Paczak and Rachel Braunegg won the egg drop for Lakeview with the lightest design. Katie Sprockett and Tucker Gidden received third place in the floater.

In a short interview with Katie Sprockett she said, “I can’t believe that we actually placed with our floater. It wasn’t exceptionally fast, but I’m not complaining. It was really exciting to watch all of our classmates compete in their special event.”

Cami Becker and Ray Turner competed in building a house of cards. They did well, but their house of cards fell before being fully measured. You can see a picture their house below. Overall the entire event was a success for Lakeview taking fifth over all.