Checkmate, Lakeview!

Alec Bartholomew, Reporter

Sixty-Four squares, 2 players, and sixteen pieces per person. That’s right. We’re talking about chess.

Chess is a rather old game that’s origin dates back to 6th century India. Through time, the game evolved and became ever so popular. Today, millions of people enjoy the game of chess whether it be in tournaments or casual games such as our very own chess club here at Lakeview.

Brynn Anstadt is the heart of Lakeview’s chess club as she introduced it to the students here and put the entire thing together with the help of Andria Morningstar-Gray, Lakeview’s librarian.

Anstadt is thrilled by the number of kids that flocked to the sign up sheet stating, “It’s truly amazing how we are getting to organize all these students for a good time at chess club. I feel like it will serve a great purpose and be a lot of fun.”

The club has met just this past Tuesday, March 7th, to discuss information regarding the days it will be held along with any questions that students may have. A total of 20 students showed interest in the club by signing a paper saying which days they would be mostly available to play. It appears that the club is leaning towards Mondays and Wednesdays for their meetings. Students will bring their own chess boards in while the school will supply two of their own. There is even talk of possibly creating a human-sized chess board where students will dress as the pawns and have a giant game of chess.

Lakeview’s chess club is an excellent way for students to compete against one another in a battle of brains and strategy. Students will be able to communicate with one another and possibly make a new friend in the process. Although chess can be quite competitive, it’ll be nothing but a friendly atmosphere where beginners can come and learn the game of chess all while enjoying the company. Big things seem to be leading the way for the evolution of Lakeview’s chess club thanks to Brynn Anstadt and her vision.