Symphonic band reigns supreme

Taylor Carson, Reporter

The Lakeview bands recently attended, competed, and won big at districts.

Districts is where the band will play prepared selections and also a sight reading for a panel of judges. The judges then rate the band on a scale of one being the best and five being the worst. Our symphonic band worked hard and it paid off; at the end of the day they were rewarded with straight “ones” on everything! It is an achievement that every band strives for, but the majority do not get.

The band performed their selections from the mid-winter concert that was held in February.

Of course, everyone who helped the symphonic band perfect their sound was over the moon when they received the results.

Junior Katryn Lendvay recalled the moment they all found out, “Right after it happened, there was a lot of screaming and we annoyed a lot of parents.”

Who would blame them? The hard work may be over for senior members, but for the others who will participate next year, this is just motivation to do it again.

Good job band; everyone here at Lakeview is proud of you!