Another Family Grows in Love

Sarah Waldron, Reporter

 Our newest Bulldog, Charlotte Ellen Wood, was born to LHS Junior English teacher Laura Wood and her husband on March 9, 2017. Charlotte was 7 lbs. and 10 oz. and was 19.5 inches long.

The family choose her name based off it being one of Wood’s husband’s favorite names for a girl, and they came in agreement when they said her nick name would be Charlie.

The Wood family now consists of two children, Christopher and Charlotte; when asking Wood was it is like having two kids she responded with, “Chaotic, but also wonderful. I must admit that I was a little fearful when I found out I was pregnant with Charlotte. It wasn’t in my plan to have two kids under the age of two, and I was not sure my heart was ready to love another baby as much as I loved Christopher, but every single fear melted away when I heard and saw our baby for the first time.”

How could your heart not melt looking at the beautiful creation of Charlotte? Lakeview students’ hearts have all warmed at seeing her pictures.

Not only did the Woods fall in love at the first sight of their daughter, but big brother Christopher is intrigued by her and is always anxious to have a chance to touch her or rock her in her glider. Wood relates when Christopher first met his little sister he poked her and then patted her and smiled.

When asking Wood how her husband is with the new baby she stated, “He has so much love in his heart, and gives all of himself to our children. Our kids will always know just how much they are loved by us.”

As the Woods thought having another child as near to impossible, they feel blessed with a miracle baby.  “Charlotte and Christopher are meant to be ours-our family is most definitely complete now” with knowing they are complete we are glad to welcome out newest Bulldog, Charlotte. We can now watch this family grow in love as they watch their children grow up together.