Students are soaking up some rays this winter


Catie Bugos, Editor

Spring may not feel like it is upon us, but to some Lakeview students it’s right around the corner. The much anticipated annual “shorts and flip flops day” is here and even though it may be 20 degrees outside and ice is covering the parking lots, students couldn’t be more excited.

Senior, Hayden Lazzari says, “Shorts let you and your legs be free.” The weather seems to not have any affect on students and their clothing choices because senior Trevous Stineman adds, “I’m just trying to get tan as fast as possible.” Although winter is not over, Stineman still has hope for a peak of sunshine.

Even senior, Meg Harper is in on the fun. She says, “I love wearing shorts, but I’m upset I have to start shaving my legs again.”

With snow still on the ground, flip flop season has arrived. Junior, Rebecca Williams says, “It may still be cold outside, but flip flops are quick to slide on when I’m constantly running late.”

It seems like right around this time of year students are fortunate to be able to conveniently wear shorts and open-toed shoes. The end of the third quarter is also here, which means students are eager for warmer weather and no school. Although they must push through and tackle this last nine weeks, summer is right around the corner.

So, in the words of senior, Tarryn Mansfield, “Cowabunga! Its shorts season!”