Pi, ties, and Pi Ties at Lakeview


Alec Bartholomew, Reporter


Pi. No, not the round delicious dessert. This is a different type of pi. Quite frankly, one that isn’t so easy to reach out and grab.

Pi is a mathematical number and term used to show the ratio between a circle’s diameter and circumference. It contains 1,011 digits, but most teachers and students shorten it down to just 3 numbers: 3.14.

Just this past Tuesday, March 14, Lakeview had its very own celebration for the exciting day. Students all throughout Lakeview  High School celebrated by bringing in various circular foods and desserts including, yes you guessed it, pie itself.

Drew Munno, a junior who brought in a treat of his own, stated, “It’s really cool that we got to take a day of from the hard work that we’ve been doing. It’s like a day off after working so hard every single day. Not to mention the food.” Students and teachers alike both seem to enjoy a slight break for a day as it allows them to escape the stress and struggles of a regular day in math.

However, pi day is not simply just a day for fun and games. Teachers normally enjoy brushing up on some geometry skills using pi itself.

“It’s a lot of fun to be able to come in and eat,  but it’s also good to just go over some geometry for the ACT and things like that”, states junior Dom Cavalier. Having this celebratory day allows the students to practice some skills that they may not have had in quite some time. This can help them when taking a major test such as the upcoming ACT for juniors.

Pi day was a big success this year at Lakeview as it was in many previous years. Hopefully, this great tradition will continue at Lakeview for the many generations to come as it allows students a little variety in learning.