Hop into Donation


Sarah Waldron, Reporter

 As the spring season approaches, we know Easter is not too far away. Pam Collier and Lori Lasso, two custodians at Lakeview High School have brought this donation project back to attention for the second year.

With this donation we are trying to help fill Easter baskets for children who may not be as fortunate to receive one without our helping hand. These Easter baskets will be given to children who have recently been removed from their homes and are now living in the custody of Children Services, which is located on Reeves Rd. in Warren.

You can donate a numerous amount of basket items, big or small, such as: candy, small Easter baskets, jump ropes, matchbox cars and other small enjoyable toys for children.

The collection basket and display will be located in the front hallway until April 7th. The donations that are received will be very much appreciated by the children and will allow them to see the bright side of our world today.