To Beta and Beyond

Lauren Barnovsky, Reporter

Last week students from all four grade levels of the Lakeview Senior Beta Club attended the State Convention in Columbus. The students left early Wednesday morning ready to take on the day’s activities. While others participated in more hands on activities like a poster making competition, beta build, and quiz bowl, many students went on to compete in math, English, agriculture, science, and Spanish tests.

Lakeview senior Katie Klamut took home a second place win for the agriculture test, a recurring accomplishment after winning third last year. When asked about what it felt like to win, Klamut said, “Last year I never expected to win third on the test considering I guessed on all the questions. My only hope for beta this year was to try my hardest and earn a plaque to defend last year’s title of the reigning ‘corn queen.’”

Once the competitions wrapped up for the first day, all eleven schools made their way to the first of three general sessions where each school introduces themselves and the students listened to guest speaker Bill Cordes. He attempted to instill the idea into the students that they should live in the moment and always strive to be themselves.

After Cordes finished his motivational speech, Lakeview Senior Madison Meeker took to the stage to compete in the special talent competition. Meeker’s rendition of Make You Feel My Love won her third place.

One of the favorite activities at Beta Convention is the campaign. Lakeview Junior Austin Brook represented our school in his campaign for state beta office. After a valiant two days of campaigning, Brooks was unable to come up with a win. When asked about the campaign, Brooks said he “greatly enjoyed the experience. [He] was so glad to get to meet so many new people.” On his eventual loss, Brooks joked “I told people I could do backflips for votes. I can’t do backflips.”

At the third and final general session the students saw the installation of their newly elected state beta officers. Then, came the time for awards. Lakeview was able to take home a generous amount of plaques. Among the attached photos you can find a complete list of the Lakeview winners.

Apart from the scheduled beta activities, students had the freedom to explore the wonders of Columbus. Some students went to local art museums, others explored the various shops throughout the city. Some relaxed in a nearby park and made friends with students from other schools.

One of the great aspects of Beta convention is meeting students from schools across the state that Lakeview students would likely never get the chance to meet. Lakeview Senior Tiffany Vega, a first time attendee, stated the experience “was eye-opening. I never thought that I would meet so many new people and learn so much.” For the two days students heard inspirations from other students, guest speakers, other states’ officers, the national president, and from the past years’ state officers who pushed the ideals of positivity, living in the moment, and pursuing one’s dreams.

Beta Convention was a fun-filled two days of friendly competitions. The days are enriching and lively. Students get the freedom to pursue any adventure that they want to learn from. Each student left Columbus filled with new motivation and the wise words of others.