Lakeview gets inked up

Catie Bugos, Editor

Lakeview students are known to be very innovative and creative. Some show this through their writing, art, or music. Others show this through permanent ink on their skin.

People get tattoos for many reasons: for attention, self-expression, artistic freedom, rebellion, a visual display of a personal narrative, reminders of spiritual/cultural traditions, sexual motivation, addiction, identification with a group or even drunken impulsiveness.

Many student’s at Lakeview have tattoos as a form of self expression or received them in honor of someone or something.

Senior, Miranda Meffe has three tattoos which include a tribal turtle on her upper arm, “G’s Girls” scripted on her ankle, and a pair of doves on the back her shoulder. As do most tattoos, hers have different meanings behind each. She says, “My turtle tattoo was done in Hawaii when I went with my family last summer. The tribal background on it symbolizes family. My ankle tattoo is in honor of my soccer coach who past away a few years ago and was like a second mom to me. My dove tattoos are a matching pair that I received with my cousin, so that we would always be connected in a way.” Meffe also says that she does not regret any of them and she will cherish them on her body forever.

Similar to Meffe, seniors Madison Meeker, Lexi Ramos, and Tarryn Mansfield received tattoos with very intimate meanings behind them.

Meeker and Ramos’s acorn is in honor of the cross country team and all the bonds and memories that will be held with them forever.

Mansfield’s wrist tattoo quote is written in her own handwriting with words that her mother and grandmother also say to her as a permanent reminder of them.

Senior, Jake Groves has a tattoo in memory of his cousin who passed in a car accident a few years ago. The memory of her and the times spent together is represented in his ink.

Although there are numerous students that are inked up, there are also a few teachers with tattoos themselves including Jeff Piper, Carrie Schlatt, and John Wright.

With our current society craving individuality and self expression, Lakeview students and teachers alike wear their artistic expression loud on their skin.