Seniors Catch Senioritis


Tucker Gidden, Reporter

With the beautiful weather and the few short weeks until many of Lakeview finest graduate, many students “catch” what is know as Senioritis.

For those who do not know, Senioritis is when senior students just begin to give up and be done with high school. It usually starts out with a few slackers who do not try at all senior year but then slowly it creeps into every senior.

Many of the best are finding it very had to stay focused and keep their straight A’s. This is the time when Lakeview’s valedictorians have it the hardest. They have to keep putting in one hundred percent effort in order to still be considered for rank number one in the class.

So to those who have given up and are just ready to be done, there are just a few weeks left and then you will be done with high school.