Art students take on Pittsburgh

Catie Bugos, Editor

Lakeview’s Art History and Art 3 classes took a trip to the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this past Friday. Jeff Piper organized this trip to give his students an opportunity to see some of the pieces they have read about and studied in class. The group was able to see and experience many pieces, including some originals from Picasso, Monet, and Da Vinci.

Piper says, “It was a long drive to Pittsburgh on a school bus; however, the educational value was worth every minute.  I believe seeing both art and architecture in person is a much more powerful experience than studying it out of a book.  It was obvious right when we entered the museum that my students made a much stronger connection with the material we have been studying all year.  I’m grateful that I work for an administration that values my program and our students enough to make this educational trip happen.”

Prior to this trip, the art history students were instructed to research two pieces of art from the museum to present just like a real art docent. They were able to choose an architectural piece and another of their choice. While they spent some time presenting all throughout the museum, they did a hefty amount of time admiring all of art’s history.

Senior, Jensen Silbaugh says, “The museum was wonderful. Seeing pieces of history right in front of us was something I will never forget. I’m glad I had this opportunity my senior year.” All the students seemed fascinated by all the paintings, sculptures, and architecture at the museum. 

Junior Miya Brannon says, “The hall of architecture was one of my favorites. Seeing the vase comparison from a piece of paper to real life was surreal. We were so used to learning these structures on paper or a computer, so seeing them in their natural form was pretty cool.

Senior, Tarryn Mansfield also had a fun learning experience. She says, “Carnegie was such a marvelous time. I’ve always loved visiting museums, so going to such a big one was the best. I loved seeing Athena Nike and Venus de Milo. They were a lot bigger and shiny in person. 

The Lakeview art students had a lovely time and experienced history before their very eyes on their trip to the Carnegie Museum of Art.