“Food” For Thought


Alec Bartholomew, Reporter

Lakeview High School is home to many different projects and donation drives initiated by students. But it isn’t everyday that an eighth grader steps up to the plate and takes a swing at it.

Lakeview’s own Grace Thomas is part of Andria Morningstar-Gray’s advanced Reading and Language Arts class. Morningstar-Gray decided that there should be a way for her students to express themselves and work on their own projects that they may be passionate about. What better way to do this than by following the guidelines for Google’s 20 Time Project.

Throughout the years, Google has always been trying to get their employees time to work on projects that they wish to see flourish. The employees start their work on the regulatory projects that are assigned by Google, but are also given 20 percent of their time to work on something that they feel strongly about that may benefit Google in the meantime.

Thomas decided that the best way she could spend her 20 percent would be through a food drive. She organized everything and put boxes located in Scott Chronister’s room. She laid out one for each class. Students then had the responsibility to try and bring in as much food as they could. The incentive is that whichever class donates the most food will be awarded with a prize.

All of the food will be donated to a good cause as the food will be delivered to the Warren family mission following the food drive. Morningstar-Gray made a comment on Thomas’ work by stating, “ It’s pretty impressive for an eighth grader to tackle something that big and make an impact on other people’s lives.”

This is an excellent thing to spend your time on and it’s a noble one as well. Thomas made a decision to put others above herself and that’s a big accomplishment for such a young person. She has made herself and Lakeview proud all at the same time. It seems like a pretty great end to a good school year for Thomas.