The End of an Era

Sarah Waldron, Reporter

With the school year coming to an end, we are not only saying goodbye to the senior class of 2017 but to our chemistry teacher, Norma Holowach.

Holowach has taught at Niles McKinley, Bloomfield-Mespo and our own Lakeview High School. She has been a teacher here at Lakeview since the year 1995, but has been teaching for a total of thirty one years.

The reason Holowach became a teacher is because she likes to learn about a lot of different aspects of science, compared to other science professions which are very narrow.

When Holowach was in high school she said, “I thought I would be in the research end of science. In college I helped with research in a parasitology project. The focus on one topic did not appeal to me.” This shows, that even though you have a focus on what you want your career to be, you can come to realize that there is a better pathway for you.

Holowach states that her plan after retiring is to be a fulltime grandmother. “I have five grandchildren and it is probably time to learn their names.”

Throughout the thirty one years of Holowach’s teaching career, there are many memorable moments. But when asking her what comes to mind when she thinks about her favorite moments she says, “My favorite moments are connected to lab activities. I enjoy seeing a student’s excitement observing pond water organisms under the microscope. In chemistry, it is satisfying to see students’ laboratory skills and confidence improve as the year progresses.”

As any student or faculty member knows, Holowach has a balance between being humorous and being serious. She knows how to engage the students to not only work on their skills in the classroom, but to further their ability outside of class. What Holowach will miss the most about teaching are the moments during a lesson where she and her students shared a good laugh and her fellow Lakeview employees as well.

Any student that has had Holowach as a teacher in chemistry will tell you she always had stories to tell and chemistry cats to share.

Junior Annie Pavlansky states, “Mrs. Holowach always made learning a fun experience.”

Holowach has made an imprint on not only the history of Lakeview High School but on each of her students. We wish the best of luck to Holowach and her retirement.