Brynn Anstadt

Brynn Anstadt

Sarah Waldron, Reporter

Name: Brynn Analiesa Anstadt

Nicknames:  Brian, Burn

Birthday: June 11, 1999

Best friends: Katryn, Abby, Eryn, Tiffany V, Katie K, and too many others to list.

Favorite underclassmen: Libby Roche, Brittany Stevens, Maria Reel, Nate Woofter, Anna Paolucci, Ben/Sean, Shiflet, and every underclassmen in academic challenge and chess club.

Greatest (serious) accomplishment in high school: Having many successful performances with the Symphonic band and playing with the OMEA District V honors band.

Favorite sports team: Ohio State

Favorite season: Fall

Favorite restaurant: Mizu

Strongest school subject: Band and Art

Sports/clubs: Chess club, Academic challenge, Writing club, Jazz band, Art club.

iPhone or Android? Iphone

Post high school plans: Receive a degree in music education and teach.

Something interesting that no one knows about you: I can cause my own pupils to dilate without changes of light.

What quote do you live by?  “Don’t take life too seriously, nobody gets out alive.”

Tell us a joke: Why are bassoons better than oboes? They burn longer.

Advice to underclassmen: Try your best in school, but do not be afraid to take a day for your own mental health and sanity. One day will not put you too behind, and it will help you keep up the strength to keep going.

Funniest high school moment: On April fools day, instead of playing the nice, soft opening to a song we were supposed to be playing, all of the brass and percussion began playing, at full volume, the fight song. None of the woodwinds, nor Mr. Sensabaugh, knew about this and many of us began crying.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Hyper-Intelligence.

Do you have or would you get a tattoo? If so, what would it be?  I would love a tattoo! I plan on getting a raven on my leg in honor of Edgar Allan Poe.

The dumbest piece of trivial information that you know: If you were to kill and fry every chicken on Earth, and put them in KFC chicken buckets, they would reach to the moon and back three times if stacked.

If your life was a board game, which would it be? Chess

One thing that should be taught in school that isn’t already: Home Ec!

Three things I would take if stranded on a desert island: A phone with reception, a water purifier, and flint for fire.

What are your fears?  Becoming my own worst enemy.

What are your pet peeves? Your own bad habits?   I cannot stand the sound of people chewing and I bite my nails.

What is the meaning of life?  As Mrs. Hawley told us, to survive and reproduce. That is the biological meaning of life that makes me feel less nervous about the future.