Con-GRAD-ulations class of 2017

It’s raining blue and white!

Taylor Carson, Reporter

Catie Bugos Three graduates posing in the cafeteria for the last time!
Meg Harper
Dairy Queen squad in position!
Meg Harper
It’s raining blue and white!
Kailey Coughlin
The high school sweethearts made it!
Meg Harper
Meg is happy to be done with high school!

The time has finally come for the Lakeview class of 2017! While the underclassmen are sad to see them go, they are also happy for them to move on to the next chapter of their lives. All of us here at Lakeview will cherish the memories we had with the graduates and will always remember the great times we had together.

The graduates are either thinking that high school went by too fast or maybe not fast enough! I’m sure they remember their first day of high school and remember thinking that this will never end. They are probably ¬†looking back on all the times that they were cramming for their tests and doing projects last minute and they probably remember how sweet it felt when summer finally came. From elementary school to now, the class of 2017 has forever made their mark on all of the teachers and students that they came across. We can only wish them the best of luck in their future endevors and hope that they will come see how we’re doing here once in a while.

I have a special opportunity to give my gratitude and wishes to the graduates that made my junior year worth remembering. I would like to thank the newspaper seniors Tucker, Lauren, and Catie along with the honorary members, Katie Sprockett and Ray Turner, for a great first year of newspaper. I remember the very first day of school when we were all pretty much strangers and played a very awkward game of hang man. Soon, we became comfortable with each other and I think that is because of the staff photoshoot we did or maybe it was because of the weird youtube videos we watched together. I would like specially thank ¬†Tucker for teaching us how to make paper airplanes and remind him that we never did fill up that box! It was a truly memorable year and I’ll never forget it. P.S. I’m sure Sarah and Alec have nice things to say, but they are in the corner as usual so just imagine they said thanks.

From everyone at Lakeview,

Con-GRAD-ulations class of 2017!