The Start of a Legend


Kayl Geist, Reporter

Lakevew’s Joshua Murphy is well known to others as the previous Physical Science teacher, but now he has made leaps and bounds to become our new Chemistry instructor. Murphy has always pursued a career in chemistry, especially teaching the subject. Ever since he started college he had great aspirations of teaching chemistry while making it as he said, “both fun and safe”.

His first goal this year is to carry on the traditional style of the course while adding his own unique flare to it. Murphy’s passion for teaching really sparked a fire in many of his students when many juniors found out that he would be returning as their teacher for chemistry. I asked if there was anything else he enjoyed rather than just chemistry, but apparently not.

And to many students that’s fine. As junior Matthew Michael said ” He’s an excellent teacher and all I can say is 10/10 would learn from again”. Murphy does have some shoes to fill after the recent retirement of our well missed Norma Holowach. With a passion for teaching and the well being of others I believe, and hopefully so do you, that Murphy can fill the role of a fantastic teacher.