Why phones should be allowed at lunch

Aliyah Jackson, Reporter

 A huge issue that has been around for a long time is if phones should even be allowed at school. Now Lakeview does not allow us to have them during lunch, only in class for school purposes only. Many disagree with this because what about lunch?

I think we have that right to use our phones when we want because have to wake up early to go to a place we didn’t ask to go to.  Who is it hurting? I know there has been discussion about that’s how bullying happens because “we go on social media and start talking about so an so”

Well I hate to break it to you but we don’ t just go on social media at school, we are on there every day at school or not. It’s not fair for the people who work hard every day and aren’t even bullies to have to sit at lunch and talk to people or not even talk, just sit there. I asked my friend Reagan Rosenberger what she thinks about the situation and she replied “we will still talk to each other but we like our phones too.”

I know they want us to communicate  but we are 100 percent capable of doing that with our phones too. Why should we not be allowed to have our phones during lunch? We work all day, I think we deserve a break and 9 times out of 10 people use their phones still so why not save yourself the trouble of writing out a detention and just allow us to use them. My friend Jordan Roper said “It gives us a break from our hard day of school.”

Which is true, we wake up 5 days a week, early in the morning so the least they can do is let us have our phones at lunch. Sydney Mattieotti says “we are the only school not allowed phones at lunch.” Not to mention most students still get on their phones so why not just allow it rather than writing out detentions. Frankie Merkel says “we are going to do it anyways”, which we are.