Dancing in the Stars at Your 2017 Homecoming


Anna Garvin, Reporter

For this year’s homecoming, the theme is one that’ll make you star-struck… what with the galaxy vibe and the appearance of the infamous JDub from Hot 101! The question is, though, what will we be walking into? Fluorescent aliens? A scenic black-light? I talked to the head of Lakeview’s Student Council, Miss Dragash, to find out more:

“I’m excited for the dance this year because JDub from thee Hot 101.1 radio station will be DJing, and I’m eager to set up the light fixtures to bring together this outer-space effect… I think we will bring a feel to that dance that will be out of this world!”

Even the Student Council President, Elisa Gomez, is eager to bring this theme to life:

“Dancing under the stars is going to make this homecoming one to remember because of our zero gravity, galaxy theme!”

The hype is obviously appropriate this year, and the puns will be endlessly unoriginal, hopefully making for some laughable Instagram captions! Oh, and I’ve been been dying to tell everyone about this book I’ve been reading about anti-gravity…

It’s impossible to put down.