Without Air Conditioning


Haley Tucker, Reporter

The problem we are all facing at the High School during this hot blistering summer is when we are all sweating in class. We can not focus on taking notes or even taking a test when we are all so hot. As a student we do not like to be uncomfortable in class. The most uncomfortable thing you could do to us is put us in a hot situation to where we can not cool down.

When we are hot in class all we do is focus on how we can get cooler and not focus on what is going on in class. It would significantly improve the way we perform in class during the summer if we actually had air conditioning in all classes.

We should not be spending money on getting a new football field when we have no air conditioning in the school. I understand, that that is where we get most of our money for our sports but it is unfair. We only use the football field in the summer and fall, but we use the school almost all year long. The students are more important than a football field getting completely redone.