Anna Garvin Breaking the Boundaries- Pick of the Litter


Hunter Dickson , reporter/editor

Lakeview Senior, Anna Garvin, is sweeping away the competition in tennis this year. Not only has she made it to districts three times, but she has only been bested once throughout her entire division.

Garvin is a four year lettered athlete, has been playing tennis for ten years, and has never had a losing season. This past season she has transitioned from doubles play to singles for big tournaments like districts.

When asked about how she started playing the sport, Garvin spoke of how she was fond of the game on Wii Sports and her father encouraged her to try it in real life. Garvin believes tennis causes her to feel “relaxed” and assists in forgetting “stressful situations or negative emotions.”

Her inspiration is her father since “he knew how to coach and understand anything and everything” in the game, and drove Garvin to become the “growing, competitive player” that she is today.