Pick of the Litter: Adam Ruiter


Kayl Geist, Reporter

Senior Adam Ruiter is a lovable character here at Lakeview. He brings a smile to all those around him.

Not to mention he has quite the accomplishments attached to his name. He scored a 27 on the ACT, was elected vice president of band, and is the second chair tuba player in the Stambaugh Concert Band.

“This year has been crazy. Too many activities, too much responsibility but I think its fun,” exclaimed Ruiter.

He plans on attending Akron for education and wants to be a history teacher.

“I don’t know why I choose Akron or if I want to be a teacher, but it’s always pretty good to have a plan without knowing what you’re doing,” Ruiter stated.

Whether it’s bringing smiles to our face or doing some hectic chores behind the scenes, Adam is the man you want to hang with. While he is not the most prepared for almost anything, you can count on him to get anything done.  Adam can be seen as one of the most upstanding people here at Lakeview.