Pick Of the Litter-Tori Wells


Haley Tucker, Reporter

Tori Wells is a student section leader for the Lakeview Football Games and a joyous person altogether. Although she balances work and school, she has already been accepted into Findlay.

I asked Tori a series of questions the first one was, Do you like being a student section leader? Tori answered by saying “I love being the student section leader!! I love showing school spirit and it’s exciting to get everyone hype for our boys on the field”.

The second question I asked, Are you excited about your fall sports? Tori exclaimed, “Yes. All of the fall sports have done well so far and I’m excited to see how far they go. No matter how far they make it, we know they worked hard and everyone was cheering them on.

The third question I asked Tori was, Are you excited about going to Findlay? Tori said that,”I am super excited to go to Findlay. I can’t wait to meet new people and share new experiences with everyone.

The fourth question I asked Tori was, Are you going to play softball at Findlay? Tori happily answered,”Yes, I am attending Findlay to play softball. I received a scholarship that I am very thankful for and can’t wait to fulfill my dream of playing softball in college.

The last question I asked her was, What are you playing on majoring in? Tori answered by saying,” I plan on being a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.”