Pick of the Litter: Mae Harper


Anna Garvin, reporter

Mae Harper represents the attitude of the majority of the senior population: unsure of what the future holds. However, despite her relate-able stance on the topic of college and crucial life decisions, saying that her plans are not “definite” for the time being, she does have an idea of what she wishes to pursue, stating that she will be involved in veterinary medicine and that she “would love to specialize in exotic animals of marine biology.”

My main reasoning for choosing Mae for this article is because she is greater than the typical, unassertive stereotype of a high school senior, and she symbolizes the uniqueness in all of us. Even though she is not positive about what college to choose for her undergraduate, she has dreams of wanting to, at some point, “head to the west coast for graduate school” and then becoming a zoo veterinarian or starting her own practice.

When asking her who has inspired her to follow her passions, she claimed that her mother has always told her that her interests will always take her far, motivating her to chase her dreams, despite the fact that she would be “stuck in college for 8 years.” Also, this year she joined a group that surprisingly became another passion of hers: cross country.

Mae admitted that she “wasn’t even good at it.” Despite that, cross country has altered her in both a physical and mental way, allowing her to gain control, strength and confidence in her body and mind. So, with that, she gives a piece of advice for everyone else:

If anyone even wonders what cross would be like, they should try… even if they don’t think they could run… even if it’s their senior year!