Pick of the Litter: Elizabeth Smith


Madison Metheny, Reporter

Elizabeth Smith, a model student at Lakeview, is practically the most hard-working and ambitious person I know. Along with her hostess job at Texas Roadhouse and her participation in the community, she still manages to keep a 3.9 GPA with her five CCP classes. In the summer, she works almost every day to save up money; however because of the value she places on education, she chooses to work three days a week during the school year. This allows her to complete homework and study for her classes. “School always comes first,” she said, when asked about her motivation for this school year. “No matter what else comes your way, it’s the gateway to the rest of your life.”

Elizabeth is also an active leader in her community. In fact, she attends an event called HOBY, which entails the kids of the future gathering at Youngstown State University to learn about what it takes to truly lead, and YLMV (Youth Leadership Mahoning Valley), where students like her learn about how to be a leader in a variety of places, such as hospitals. Her extra-curricular activities are evidence of her musical talent, as well, as she is a participant in Madrigals, Solo and Ensemble (earned all 1s, the best score possible), and has been practicing piano for nine years.

Her future goals include attending either Washington University in St. Louis or Miami of Ohio for her college education, majoring in either Business or French, which she hopes will enable her to “make a lot of money, have a gorgeous high-rise apartment, and “a hot husband, a few kids, and a doggo named Archer.”

So, how does she do it? According to Elizabeth, planners are the key. She writes everything she has going on for each day down in her planner, so she can always refer back to it when she needs to map out her studying plans. Above all else, though, she says, “Focus on what’s important to you. You may be good at basketball, but unless you’re seriously planning on being a professional player, focus on what’s going to get you to your goals.”