Pick of the Litter- Michael Hill

Aliyah Jackson, Reporter

Michael Hill, also known as Mike is a senior who came to Lakeview High School his junior year.

Michael will be graduating this spring of 2018 and will be attending YSU. Michael says “I choose this college because it’s a good college to start off with and get the basics and get used to everything.” However he plans on going to the University of Toledo his sophomore year because they have a great engineering program. He is very interested in video games and says he has ideas he could implement to better the gaming system. He plans on being a software engineer or minoring in pre physical therapy.

I asked Mike what he is looking forward to the most in college and he replied “meeting new people, trying out new things, and having a little more freedom.” Mike is a hard working, intelligent, and respectful young man. He is shy but is currently taking college communications which should help him break out of his shell a little. Michael is a caring person and knows when to make smart decisions. Mike says “Only I can change my life, no one can do it for me. Meaning, only my actions affect my life, no one else can influence me to do anything to mess up my life.”

Michael is striving not only in his academics but on the field as well. He is currently playing football, as a defensive corner-back. Their most recent game against Poland on October, Friday the 13th was a big win and a happy moment for the team because now they’re in the playoffs. I asked Mike his thoughts on how he felt before the game and he said “I came into the game not really nervous even though you should be but when we started I got nervous because Poland scored a touchdown first and kept scoring and the score was 17-0 but once we turned over the ball and scored I knew it wasn’t over and we still had a chance.” It was an exciting win for Michael and Lakeview beating them 35-30 but as the football season begins to die down Mike says he’s going to run track in the spring time and will start indoor conditioning as soon as football is over.