Pick of the Litter: Lauren Laws


Maddison Hughes , Reporter

With much time and thought about who I should choose for my very first Pick of the Litter article, I came across Lauren Laws. Lauren is involved in girls tennis, she plays the clarinet in the band, she is an active member on the Executive committee, the President of the Beta Club, as well as being involved in drama club, band historian, and the Vice President of National Honors Society.

When asked, Lauren said she would like to attend The Ohio State University for bio chemistry. After college, she would like to pursue a field that well suits her degree and is still fun. “I feel excited to get it over with but I’ll be sad when graduation comes” Lauren shared.

In spite of her several school activities, Lauren has found time to enjoy with her close friends such as; Elisa Gomez, Mary Grzelewski, and Alexis Rygalski. She also enjoys Starbucks runs and spending time with her older sister Megan Laws.