Herrholtz Takes Hold of School Security Measures


Hunter Dickson , reporter/ editor

One of the most notable and visible changes to Lakeview High School is the implementation of new security features.

Lawrence Herrholtz, Principal of Lakeview High, spoke about how the school previously had “no barrier to the student body” between the outside door and the inside of the school. The new doors act as that barrier where individuals can be determined as a threat or not.

Herrholtz brought insight to how “problems exist outside, not inside” our school, and that the new lobby doors act as a great protective asset.

In addition, a new phone application known as Zello and used by LHS faculty and staff acts as what Herrholtz describes as an “immediate and efficient” means of communication in lock-down situations. Zello mimics the qualities of a walkie-talkie with two-way communication so that school faculty can keep each other all on the same page during such scenarios. With such security measures in place, students, teachers, and other staff can keep their peace of mind and focus on learning.