Lakeview Middle School Names New Principal: Ashley Handrych


Kelsey Lucas, Reporter

Former LMS and LES guidance counselor, Ashley Handrych, came into the 2017-2018 school year as the new principal of Lakeview Middle School. I asked her a series of questions about her new job position.

My first question for her was: When you first found out that you received the principal position, what were you looking forward to the most? She said, “I was looking forward to several things; first, I was grateful that I was given the opportunity to continue my career in a district that I love. I was excited to work with the middle school staff once again, and I was very much looking forward to interacting with middle school students. I began my teaching career with students in grades 6-8 and found it was an age group that I really enjoyed working with.”

Next, I asked her when she knew that she truly wanted to be a principal, as well as what about this job captured her interest.  She responded with “When I was working with Mr. Taylor at the elementary school, first as the guidance counselor and then as the Title l Coordinator, I realized that administration was a path I wanted to pursue. I was interested in being a principal because it allows me to interact with as many students as I possibly can. Also, I like challenges and problem solving, both of which I do each day in this job.”

My next question for her was what did she think the most important quality a person in her position should have. She said that she believes, “Anyone in a leadership position needs 3 important qualities. First, I think they need to be truthful and transparent. They need to be able to make decisions based on what is in the best interest of their team, and in this role that team includes students and staff. Second, I think they need to be able to admit when they are in the wrong or have made a mistake. Finally, they must be a able to lead and manage with compassion.”

Lastly, I asked her what her main goal was for the students to learn, as well as what message she wants them to find most important. She explained her main goal and said that, “The main goal I have for students at the middle school is to learn that they are going to make bad decisions, but it is how they rebound from those actions and how they proceed moving forward that defines their character.”

Middle school principal Ashley Handrych has done an excellent job so far and she has been a great addition to the Lakeview Middle School staff. She has been on the right track and has done a great job while working with the students and staff, and I am sure that she will continue to do a great job.