Sr. Beta Canned Good Drive Feeds the Community


Pictured: The winning group who collected 464 items.

Kelsey Lucas, Reporter

For over 20 years, the Lakeview High School Senior Beta has hosted the trick or treat canned food drive, where students go around the Cortland area, collecting cans from the local community for the Cortland Area Cares Food Pantry. The annual event was held after school on October 23, starting at 3:30. In total, the students collected 980 items in just one afternoon. A group of sophomores won the contest, collecting 464 items.

Senior Beta adviserr Angela Sarko said that the goal is always to collect as many cans as you can, and when asked if she was pleased with the outcome, she said “I was very pleased. We collected close to 1,000 cans in just under 2 hours!”  I asked Sarko why she believed the canned food drive was an event for the students and community. She responded with “The Trick or Treat Food Collection meets the 3 requirements I set for a great community service project. For starters, it is easy fun and anyone can participate and have a great time. Secondly, it directly helps people in our community. Lastly, is teaches the students the benefit of large group service activities- together we can do more.”

I asked junior Hannah Nicholas, who has participated in the event the past three years, why she participates in the event, and she said, “I love participating in the annual Beta canned food drive because it is a great opportunity for the Beta Club to better the community. It also allows me to donate my time towards helping others.”  She believes that the Beta organization is a very good way to get involved in helping our community, as well as it really helps you to become a better leader and to make a difference.