Students create in new LHS Design Lab


Kayl Geist, Reporter

The newest club at Lakeview is the Design Lab. This club, advised by LHS Media Specialist Andria Morningstar-Gray and freshman Jefferey Jiang, helps students learn problem solving skills using a 3D printer and hands on learning. Students interested in the club will learn how to design a 3D model using engineering and invention skills to solve problems of today.

Lakeview acquired the printer through a GDP Foundation grant worth $5,000 to create a maker-space at the high school. This club gives a hands-on experience to students and lets them creatively apply their knowledge to the problems that many people face today in the world.

Morningstar-Gray said, “This year is our building year; we have to find process that will work. Eventually we will have more people learn about what we do and hope to apply it to classes.”

Morningstar-Gray added, “The new club at Lakeview is setting up a theme. We are trying to find a new way for students to apply what they learn from real life problems and skills.”

The club will meet after school in the library on Mondays until 3:30  for anyone interested in joining this unique opportunity.