Rotary International Hosts Meeting Discussing the Fight Against Polio


Anna Garvin, Reporter

On October 24, the Rotary Club of Cortland hosted a celebratory event promoting  Rotary International’s effort to put an end to polio. The occasion marked the date of the 5th annual World Polio Day event, sharing their progress on polio eradication, and it was held at the Park Place Lobby at Lake Vista. Our own Senior Beta was invited to attend in hopes for Rotary International to inspire the youth that are actively seeking to enhance our communities.

Donna Zuga, the 2017 President of Lakeview High School’s Board of Education, explains the event as an activity that gives young Beta members a chance to mingle with adults who knew first hand about polio’s devastating effects and to learn about Rotary’s continued commitment to eradicate the virus. One of the Beta Club  members that attended the event, junior Sean Galela, explained, “The event was very informative, teaching you about the issues of polio and how they are ridding the world of it. I really think that it was important and interesting to hear about.”

In addition to the Rotary Club supporting our local communities, their international branch has been aiding countries for over a century. Their huge push for diminishing polio forever has lead to a progressive movement, affecting millions of lives. So, if we pay enough attention, maybe we can aid in issues that affect will the population worldwide, making our world a better place, and it all starts at the local level.