Paramount Comes to Lakeview


Madison Metheny, Reporter

One of the newest clubs at Lakeview, The Mount on Campus, is a student-led group that has been drawing some attention, making everyone wonder what they’re all about.

On a decided Wednesday, youth group leaders from a branch of the Believers church in Warren called Paramount meet in the room normally used for the 8th grade gifted English classroom during each lunch period. Because of the time, the Mount always provides free pizza, so students don’t have to stress about finding food when attending the meetings.

In their meetings, students come to play games, read scriptures, and listen to the group leader or a guest speaker talk about a subject relevant to high school life, like anxiety, fear, and gratefulness.

Cassie Shope, the group originator and leader, with sponsorships from her youth pastor at her home church, speaks about why she created the club: “It provides a safe space for people who don’t feel like they belong in a church setting to come and talk about the Bible.”

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, make sure to check out the club at their next meeting in Mrs. Morningstar-Gray’s room during your lunch period on December 20th. All grades are welcome.