New Juniors Move to Lakeview

Aliyah Jackson, Reporter

Dakota Whitt is a new junior who came from Southington and has lived in Ohio all his life. He says, “Lakeview is way bigger and more interesting.” He enjoys going to school here and playing football; Dakota is looking forward to the playoffs. He says, “I’m really excited because I have never played in high school playoffs”. He is also thinking about playing basketball as well.

The reason he came to Lakeview was because of the academics and he has done well so far. I asked Dakota if he was working and he said, “I had a summer job” but he would like to continue working after sports are over.

Another new student who came to us is Devonte Parker. He came from J.F.K and likes it so far, even though he misses his friends from JFK. Devonte came to Lakeview because of family reasons. He played soccer this year for Lakeview and excelled, scoring several points this season. They made it to the playoffs and he say’s “It was a great experience and I can’t wait to play next year.”