New Lakeview Seniors Tell About Their Experience So Far

Emily Goldner

Keeley Painter , Reporter

Emily Goldner is a brand new student attending Lakeview High School for her senior year. Goldner moved to the area in June 2017 from out of state as she previously lived in Virginia. You may wonder what made her come to Lakeview. She says, “My dad is in the army and my parents decided to retire here because this is where all our family lives.”

Goldner is enjoying the school so far as she says that “I’ve made many friends and the teachers are nice.” Goldner is excited to continue her senior year here at Lakeview High School.

Another senior new to Lakeview this year is Sara Tackett. Tackett also came from out of state previously living in Holland, Michigan. When asked what made Tackett come to Lakeview, she answered with a simple response of “family”.

Also asking her what is different about Lakeview compared to her previous school, she says, “It is a lot smaller than I was used to at my old school.” Tackett is also excited to continue her senior year at Lakeview and to make new friends.