O! Christmas Tree: Sisters Bring Joy to the Main Lobby


Anna Garvin and Kelsey Lucas

After spending 10 years in dark and dust, the LHS Christmas tree is now spending its days gracing the main lobby of our school. The lights are kept on all day and all night because, as explained by our Principal Lawrence Herrholtz, “I like the way it looks at night.”

But if not for sisters senior Hannah and freshman Olivia Yuhas, LHS might be once again without a Christmas Tree this season.

Hannah spends her free time aiding for our school’s library, decorating the space with bright colors and most recently sprinkling in some Christmas cheer. As Herrholtz admired her work he gave her a proposition to take her decorating skills to the next level. Hannah accepted, recruited her sister Olivia, and the two put time into decorating the beautiful tree that sits up front with sparkling strings of lights and Christmas spirit.

When asking Hannah why she loved decorating the tree, she said, “I really just love spreading the Christmas spirit, especially throughout the school!”

So, if you get the chance before we leave for our winter break, take some time to thank Hannah and Olivia for their successful efforts in spreading the joy of Christmas.