The Non use of Two Hour Delays


Haley Tucker, Reporter

We in the Lakeview Local School District have two hour delays, but we have never ever used this option when the weather is bad. Most students have come to know that there will never be a two hour delay; we will always be either called off completely or we won’t be.

According to High School Assistant Principal Michael DeToro, “We have had this option for at least 10 years” but we have never used it.

I feel that Lakeview should put more thought into using the option of two hour delays, especially for those days that it’s dangerous for some people to drive to the school. Since we have an open enrollment some students drive to the school from districts that are closed and therefore are driving on roads that have been deemed hazardous to drivers. Students come from neighboring districts that are closed like Fowler and even those further away like Niles.

I believe that we should use our two hour delays because the weather is often bad in the morning and not in the afternoon so if we call off then we are wasting a whole day and if we stay open then we are risking our lives to come to the school in bad weather when the roads are bad and icy. If we started using this option then we could potentially save a day of the school calling off for a whole day or saving a student from getting into an accident on the way to school if it’s bad in the morning.