ALL Juniors should be allowed to have open lunch

Aliyah Jackson, Reporter

Currently only Juniors who take CCP classes are given the privilege to leave and go out for open lunch. However I think us Juniors who don’t take CCP classes are just as responsible to go out and get lunch as well especially being that were responsible enough to drive to and from school everyday. Why should they get more of a privilege than us students who don’t take CCP classes? We work just as hard as they do. Also for students to concentrate better we need a good meal. Were at school for about 7 hours a day, 5 days week and I feel if we want Mcdonalds or something in that nature we should have the privilege to go out and get it at the appropriate time. Honestly it would make everything easier because then you won’t have to worry as much about people skipping if you give all the Juniors that right.

I asked some of my peers how they feel about it, one of them being Bailee Yale; a Junior who doesn’t take CCP classes and drives says “All Juniors should have open lunch because I think we are responsible enough to leave and come back at the time we should.” Which I agree with because who wants to be tardy and get a detention? No one which is why we should be given that option. Another peer I asked about the situation who doesn’t take any CCP classes and drives, Carina Nicholas said “All Juniors should be allowed open lunch because we work hard classes and in our classes and need a break from the madness.” Being in school for several hours can be pretty exhausting so a nice meal would be nice to help us focus more and get some fresh air.