Extracurricular Sports and PE Class Do Not Blend

Anna Garvin, Editor

According to an article from Human Kinetics and written by Judith Rink, Tina Hall and Lori Williams, promoting physical activity outside of physical education class and motivating children to be physically active serves as all PE class’s purpose. With that, the purpose would not usefully apply to students who are involved in school sports. Student athletes know of the importance of physical activity; they participate in practices, scrimmages and games throughout the year, keeping their bodies healthy and active. Even star-studded athlete Annie Pavlansky, playing basketball for Kent State University next year, agreed, saying “Gym class isn’t useful for student athletes.” Also, as stated by fellow senior Mae Harper, “Sports after school keep you busy enough physically and mentally; what is the point, then, to add 45 extra minutes throughout the day?” Gym class is a useful tool for those who are not already participating in a sport, especially through the school, but student athletes should not be forced to attend.