Students Should Attend all Sporting Events

Keeley Painter, Reporter

Attached to this article is a slideshow of two sports images. I bet one is a scene very familiar to most of you, while the other is familiar to very few.

Students at Lakeview High School are fortunate to have a wide variety of sports to play. Unfortunately, not a large number of students attend the more unknown sports including: bowling, swimming, golf, and tennis. However, a larger amount of the student body attends the more well known sports of football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer and track.

The students of LHS should get more involved with all the sports at the school. I looked into some of the reasons why students don’t attend more events than they do.

Cost can be a big factor. LHS has several sporting events each week and attendance could cut into student finances. To help out, administration could lower the prices of student admission at different events. “I definitely would attend more sporting events if students could get in cheaper,” said senior Trevor Riley. An affordable season pass, good for all sports during that season would be welcomed by LHS students.

Also, offering more spirit buses to away locations could increase attendance at those games. If spirit buses were a regular, advertised, affordable and dependable form of transportation, students would be able to plan on attending more away games with groups of friends. Additionally, make more announcements for each sporting event so that students are aware of time and dates.

Better advertising of the dates and times of the lesser attended events is also needed. “I don’t usually know when they are, so if they were announced more I would be able to attend,” said senior Sarah Waldron. Coaches, let us know on the announcements and on drund what’s coming up.

Alternate scheduling would also help. Friday night games are always easier to attend because we don’t have to study for tests the next day or catch up on homework. Putting lesser attended sports in that time slot and giving them all the advertising and additional activities would increase student interest in attending to see what all the excitement is all about.

Getting the students together at various sporting events is a great way to show school spirit, get involved, make new friends, and create memories that will last forever.

Let’s start by creating a great  memory Monday, February 12th by attending the girls basketball home game. It’s senior night so come celebrate the senior season for Lexi, Tori, Annie, and Lindsay. I encourage all seniors, especially senior athletes from all sports to attend and support your classmates.