Library Undergoes Renovation


Madison Harvey and Tiffany Bartholomew

Over the summer the Lakeview High School Media Center went through some serious renovations. Due to Chromebooks being used by every student, the computer lab was no longer needed. Instead of leaving that section of the library bare, they jazzed it up. No longer is it known as the front lab, but now the “hang out center”.

The hang-out center is located where the front lab in the media center used to be. The tables and computers have all been stowed away and new tables, chairs, and even lounging stairs have been added. Many classes and clubs have taken advantage of this new area to get their work done.

Junior Alexis Jablonski said,  “Madison Nigrin and I enjoyed lunch in the cafe area.”

The idea of the hang-out center came from the new school store that is to be put in. The goal of this lounging area is to feel like a mini cafe with food and drinks permitted. New coffee tables were purchased as well to make it feel like a mini book store. Since the school store will be located in Lakeview High School Media Specialist Andria Morningstar-Grey’s old classroom you can easily make your way to the lounge to enjoy what you purchased.

Not only did the front lab get renovated, but so did the rest of the media center. All the old tables were taken out and replaced by ones with wheels in hopes to make it easier to work in groups and share ideas. New stools were also purchased to create a more comfortable learning experience. White boards were also obtained to make it easier to share ideas.