Girl’s Tennis Goes to Districts


Megan Cross, reporter

The Lakeview High School girls varsity tennis team had an eventful 2018 season. The girls contributed with a kids camp, a trip to the Hot Dog Shoppe in Warren, and an upcoming road trip to Akron for districts October 12. The girls were excited to show their school spirit and play with their teammates.

A first year player, Lakeview sophomore Abbey Leonard says her favorite part is, “being on the team with all the girls and having a good time learning how to play.”

October 12, Lakeview junior Laura Garvin will be traveling to Akron for the districts tournament and possibly advance. She has a 10-2 record and says, ” Districts is the most fun I have all season. A few of the girls go up and stay in a hotel, Megan even cannon balled in the pool last year.”

Wish Laura luck on her way to Districts and  a job well done to the rest of the team.