Seniors Choose Superlatives!


Jensen Gill and Reagan Rosenberger

Senior superlatives are a widely known high school tradition throughout the world. At Lakeview High School, peers of the senior class vote based on others’ most significant traits they have noticed throughout the years. These awards are an exciting way to get involved with your peers and could potentially spark a conversation with people you may not usually talk to.

When asked how he feels about Lakeview participating in superlatives, senior Graham Bollenbacher said, “I think they’re a good idea because they’re fun for the seniors to do and if you win, it might be something memorable for you.”

Bollenbacher also said, “The superlative outcomes turned out how I thought they would be”

Likewise, when asked, if he was expecting to win ‘Life of the Party’, senior AJ McClellan replied with, “I’m happy but I’m not surprised”.

When asked how she feels about winning ‘Most Feisty’, senior Breann Streets replied with, “I know I’m feisty, it just comes naturally to me.”

Reagan Rosenberger, the ‘Most Athletic’ senior, had, somewhat, knew her peers thought she was athletic because she said she “has played every sport since I was young”.

The overall consensus is that the winners were anticipating the awards they have won. It seems like our senior class of 2019 knows each other pretty well!

The full list of winners will be announced next Friday at the pep rally!