The 2019 Cheerleaders’ Journey Coming to an End!


Breann Streets, Reporter

As we are coming to an end of football season of cheering I’m getting really emotional.  I have been cheering for four years and out of football and basketball season I like cheering at them equally. My favorite part about the football games is the fourth quarter. I love how we get to cheer on our team with the students of the school. My favorite part about basketball is getting to dance. The thing I will miss most about cheer is being with all six of my senior girls who have been by my side since freshman year but also the bond I created with the younger girls.

My “twin” on the cheer squad, Bailee Yale says, “I’m very ecstatic to be cheering with not only my cheer girls but my best friends.”  I remember when Bailee and I were cheering in Lakeview Little Bulldogs together and we knew we wanted to cheer together in high school.

One of my other cheerleader friends, Brooke Keller states, “Cheering has been the greatest part of my high school career and I’m going to miss coachie and the under class man so much.” One of my favorite things about Brooke is she loved to call the same exact cheer every game.

Another senior cheerleader that I am very close with, Sydney Matteotti, says, “I’m extremely sad about cheer ending. My favorite part about cheering was creating an unbreakable bond between all my cheer girls and having spirit week sleepovers with all 16 of us!”

Senior cheerleader Hunter Ainsley told me, “I loved cheering with all of you through out my high school. I made memories that will last a life time and friendships that were made forever.”

My last senior friend, Jordan Roper says,”I’m glad I got to spend my senior year cheering with these amazing girls by my side, always helping me and making everything we do so much fun.” This is Jordan’s first year cheering, but she has made the team fun and exciting.