Is CCP stressful?

Haylee Huffman, Reporter


Lakeview high school has offered numerous opportunities for their students to better their education. One fantastic opportunity is the option of taking college credit plus based courses. Each year, Lakeview encourages and inspires students to take advantage of this program. By taking CCP classes, students have the chance of saving money by exploiting college material for free. Not only does it help your pocket, but also allows you to be ahead of the game. These courses are a great experience to prepare yourself for future success. CCP courses are very beneficial, but do we overlook what the reality does to the students? Sean Galela, president of the senior class, and Emily Reebel, junior, both are taking advantage of the program. Galela and Reebel agreed to speak on the subject.

Galela is now in his second year of taking CCP courses. His courses include College Writing II/Film Literacy, College Algebra/Trig, and Investigations to Social Class/Microeconomics. When asked if CCP courses bring stress, Galela had said, “On occasions, yes. They can be stressful”. Having CCp classes, he realized that it’s “definitely a step in the direction to help with my future. It helps me look into looking classes I wanna take. CCP help me challenge myself in a way high school courses didn’t.” Galela strongly encourages younger students to thrive to the opportunity. He strongly advises that ”Procrastination is not helpful. When my extracurriculars activities started, procrastination was a slap in the face”.He plans to be majoring in Astrophysics and studying at The Ohio State University.

Reebel is determined to become a software developer, As of now, Reebel is taking College Algebra/Trig and College Writing I/American Lit. When asked if the courses are stressful, Reebel had no hesitation saying “of course”. However, the stress that it may cause is worth it, as her math challenges her and prepares her, “I don’t know I would do if I wasn’t taking that class”. She also says that her college writing class is “helping” her write since “It went from C.L.E.W to expended big paragraphs”. Overall, CCP is a challenging, great program.

What you hear is true; CCP can be stressful. However, it’s based on how you approach it that makes it stressful. CCP is a great program to take advantage. It stretches your mind and pushes you to better yourself.